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Interfaith Seder

 Please Join us at our INTERFAITH SEDER April 13th at 8:00 directly after Maundy Thursday services.

In the last four years it has been an honor and a pleasure to share our table for the Interfaith Community Seder dinner with our friends from the wider Washington interfaith community. This Seder blends the Christian tradition of an Agape meal – the fellowship meal shared among early Christians in their house churches – with the Jewish tradition of a Passover Seder.

The Seder has become a treasured part of our Holy Week observance at St. John’s – a night of true interfaith fellowship, as those from your Coalition who have attended will attest. Accompanied by prayers in Hebrew and English, and traditional recitations (e.g. the Four Questions), adapted from the Haggadah, the meal includes the traditional Seder fare (brisket, matzah, tzimmes, macaroons, hummus, olives, dried fruits & nuts), cups of wine, and other foods that would have been part of a 1st Century feast.

 (Please note: there is no cost, but free will offerings are gratefully accepted.)


Click here to make your reservation, 
or call the Parish Office at 860-868-2527.

Everyone is Welcome!